Thursday, November 21, 2019

Giving Negative Feedback Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Giving Negative Feedback - Essay Example According to the study Kat criticized Pao regarding the latter’s fickleness in accepting work opportunities. The author knows the conversation ended badly, with Pao walking away and not speaking to Kat until today. He decided to talk to Kat to provide her a negative feedback on what she did, and at the same time to make her understand the impact of her words and actions to Pao. He wanted to apply the tips he read about giving criticisms. The result is a success because Kat accepted the criticisms constructively, and even decided to talk to Pao again using the same techniques as the reporter did with her. Criticizing Constructively Behavior versus Person It was somewhat expected that Kat will immediately react negatively one he starts with the criticism. However, he still tried to diffuse the possible initial negative reaction by making sure that Kat understand he is criticizing the action and not the person. This paper outlines that description versus Judgment The second strat egy the reporter used is â€Å"focus[ing] feedback on description rather than judgment†. He feels that this is very important to avoid making Kat feel that he is judging her immediately. So, instead of telling Kat that, â€Å"You were harsh with Pao when you told him he is so fickle minded.,† he instead told Kat that, â€Å"Your voice was really higher-pitched and louder than usual, and you were pointing you finger at him on several instances.†   There was actually no way for her to dispute facts that we both know to be true. It would have been easier for Kat to dispute my words had they been personal judgments. Specific Situation versus Abstract Characteristic The third strategy the reporter used is â€Å"focus[ing] feedback on behavior related to a specific situation rather than an abstract characteristic† . This proved to be effective because she seemed to be more open to listen on how that incident was wrong in many ways. This could be because focus ing on a specific incident made us focus on the actions and words, rather than on the general characteristic of the person (Kat).  

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